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Prudence should be a virtue of any buyer, but it should be accompanied by another virtue, agility. With the latter you will be able to prevent your favourite property from escaping into the hands of others. Sometimes you have to be quick in making decisions, nobody likes to decide in a hurry or feel pressured and we are aware of this. Buying a property is not something you do every day and sometimes uncertainty or stress can creep in, usually as a result of not having taken professional advice in good time to be prepared as a future buyer. When it comes to closing a deal, everything starts beforehand.

Easy or difficult choice?
We want to get to know you, we want you to tell us what your ideal property would be like, we want to talk to you about many things about it and we will advise you in order to offer you the best, that which is closest to your preferences, including your financial preferences. In the event that you need financing, it is just as bad to fall short because you don't know how far you can go as it is to go too far and pay the consequences for many years. As partners of several banks, we will make everything easier and faster for you.
You have visited our website a lot of times, you have found several offers that you think fit what you are looking for, we will inform you in depth and we will give you some more light to decide which ones you prefer to visit, maybe your desired property is closer than you think, you just need a good accompaniment on the way to make it happen. It is the moment to choose one or the other, a choice that can only be yours.
You have it clear, this is your property, you don't want it to escape and you won't sleep well until the purchase contract has been signed and you can relax a little, but before that it will take a few days to formalise it, update the documentation and present the proposal to a seller so that they can accept it. It only remains to sign the contract, go to the notary and receive the keys, it seems simple but it is not. There is nothing better than being in good hands to achieve this.
Will we be your agency too? They have it clear...
Personas que ya han vendido y/o comprado con nosotros, algunos hasta han repetido. Han tenido el bonito detalle de emplear algo de su tiempo en escribir su opinión. Nos recomiendan a sus familiares, amigos y vecinos cuando estos necesitan una agencia profesional en quien poder confiar. ¿De verdad hay algo más bonito? Debe ser el paraíso. Se han convertido en fans de InmoXara y a nosotros nos enorgullece enormemente. Somos nosotros quienes les damos las gracias. Bienvenidos a InmoXara.

Stuart Dickinson

2 years ago

Alex & Gema, have been the most professional and helpful estate agents we have ever used. Nothing has been too much trouble during our purchase and after sales help with administration and services. We would recommend them highly and have no hesitation to use them again. They really believe the customer does come first. Many thanks for all your hard work. Stuart & Margie

Ann Marie Miralles

5 years ago

I had a very good experience working with InmoXara agency. Alex and Gema are both very knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy. They took time to explain the process and help me in all aspects of the sale of my property in Spain, from initial preparation to closing. And Alex was able to sell at the price that I wanted. I think they are the best realtors in the Marina Alta area and I could not have done it without their guidance and their great effort! Thank you, InmoXara!

Anton Stolk

2 years ago

Alex and Gema are the most honest people in the business. They do as they agree, always solve a problem. Highly recommended for selling and buying. We can tell because we bought and sold a house by Gema and Alex. If you have any questions were always willing to answer theme.

Derek Taylor

a year ago

Alex at InmoXara is simply the best estate agent we have ever encountered anywhere. At a time when it was very difficult to sell a house, he found several potential buyers and clinched a deal with one of them. He's efficient, friendly and helpful. El mejor inmobiliario de Espana.

diana mushema

2 years ago

My husband and I received exceptional customer service , not just before the sale but as well as after! Always a pleasure to work with InmoXara,they make the process of selling and buying painless. Great team!

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