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Here we offer you an easy way to market your property.

Fill in all the descriptive data of the property, attach the images of your property as well as any attached file in pdf. You can also add your scanned DNI, the energy certificate, the simple note, ibi scanned receipt, community receipts, etc. Do not worry, nobody to see your private documentation on the web, everything you send us will receive everything as an internal and private information, it will NOT be visible on our website until we supervise everything and authorize the publication. All documents such as receipts and other private documents are NEVER shown on the website, they remain in our database in a totally private and protected way.

So that the images can be published on our website, they must have a minimum resolution of 600x800 pixels, minimum weight 50 kb and maximum 2,000 kb each. The closer they get to 2,000 kb each, the better they will be on the web, so your property will be more attractive to the potential buyer. Avoid taking photos with a mobile phone, they can go very dark or not include enough viewing angle.

So you can sell a property with InmoXara, among other things, you need the following:

- Provide a series of documentation to the agency for verification. We would send you a list to prepare everything (photocopies).

- Sign a sales authorization, ask us for information about the exclusive shared sale.

We take care of getting the buyer, organize and sign visiting parts with each client, write and organize sales contracts, notary and the after-sales procedures of Suma-Catastro-Plusvalia. If you also have high water and electricity contracts, we will manage the changes of bank account and contract holder when it is the case. We are present throughout the sales process, from start to finish.

For any other query, visit us and we will inform you about the process and our marketing rates.

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