Real estate management

We offer you our management services for the procedures of purchase-sale, swap, acceptance of inheritance and others that were related to the previous steps to a potential and future marketing on our part. When necessary or advisable, we can represent you by means of empowerment in your purchase or in your sale, facilitating you the managements.

If you wish, for a small amount, we carry out a market valuation of the property, so you can launch it on the market in better conditions commercially speaking. When what you need is a report for judicial purposes, we will offer you an official appraisal through any of the appraisal companies with which we work, all of them authorized by the Bank of Spain.

If necessary, you can also get advice from architects, lawyers or tax advisors. We will organize an appointment if you wish.

Other steps:


Verification and presentation of documentation for the signing of deeds of sale, inheritance, swap, declaration of new work, expansion, etc.

Property registration

Request for simple notes, verification of the registration status of the property, presentation of documentation for registration.


Procedures for the adaptation to the physical reality of the property in its declarations of new work / extensions, segregations, groupings and other alterations.


Altas, modifications, claim of undue payments.

City Councils

Application for urban development reports, building permits, consultation on planning, verification of the legality of the property, sanction files, demolition orders.

* Check prices for these services.

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