MLS Denia - Multiple Listing Service Estate Agent Association in Denia

Let's start at the beginning ... Do you know what an MLS is? They are the initials of Multiple Listing Service, which more or less would mean "multiple listing of sale" adapting it to Spanish. In our area, we would talk about MLS Denia, the Professional Real Estate Association of Denia.

MLS Dénia is an Association of Real Estate Professionals in Dénia, formed by more than 20 Real Estate Agencies in Dénia with more than 60 professional international real estate agents to help you find your ideal home.

Imagine a professional and human team at your disposal cooperating under a strict ethical code, with the only common objective of offering you Professional Real Estate Advice of the highest quality in the services provided.

MLS Dénia was born in January 2014 in Dénia to cover an important need at that time in the Real Estate Sector in Dénia, to group and offer a professional and quality service under an ethical code.

What happens when several Real Estate Agencies in Dénia are contracted in parallel, that is, "without exclusive" for the sale of a property?

Well, in most cases too many are hired and what you think may be best for you by diversifying management, can come back to haunt you. Diversifying is fine, but it ceases to be when control is lost.

In this modality each agency is on its own, you could even see your advertised house with different prices, more or less quality photos and in the worst case the facade full of posters from different real estate agencies ... Does all this make sense? What do you think he will think and what security does this bring to a potential buyer?

Perhaps you think that by "giving it to several" directly, one by one, the agencies will compete with each other to sell and they will hurry to achieve their objective, since your property will be "in many more places", but in reality this does not mean That you are going to sell it before or in a better way, especially if things are not done well. The property is left in a situation of lack of control by the agencies and even the owner, who finally does not even remember with which agencies he put it up for sale and ends up not updating each one of them if the sale conditions change later.

Sign an exclusive sales mandate, why not? .

Signing an exclusive sale does not mean that you will be cheated, or that you will be kicked out of your house, or that the agency will keep your money without you knowing, contrary to what any friend or brother-in-law of yours has. (Brother-in-law honor only, they are the best) I could tell you. Not all the brothers-in-law are bad nor are all the Real Estate Agencies in Dénia.

A complete and clear explanation by a professional Real Estate agent, will help you to refuse to sign other contracts without exclusivity and bet on a quality way.

At InmoXara we have been part of the MLS Dénia Real Estate Professional Association since its foundation in 2014.

Everything is easier when you hire an agency associated with an MLS, like InmoXara. Not all Real Estate agencies in Dénia are associated with MLS Dénia, nor do all have this successful professional tool. Actually, by hiring an agency associated with the MLS Dénia Professional Association, you are increasing the possibilities of selling your property, thanks to the support of the other agencies associated with MLS Dénia, who collaborate as associates in the area. Your property will be for sale with InmoXara, and through him with the rest of associates who are specialized in properties like yours.

Hire Real Estate Agent InmoXara in La Xara / Dénia for the sale of your property and multiply your sales possibilities. Proud to have collaborated in shared operations with 90% of the MLS Dénia Real Estate Agencies.

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