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Do you know what an MLS is? They are the initials of Multiple Listing Service in Denia and around the world, which more or less would mean "multiple listing of sale" adapting it to Spanish. Without a doubt, it is a good way to save time and money by visiting countless agencies to sell your property, the best "tool" to sell your property more efficiently.

When you need to sell a house in Denia as well as any other type of property, you may think about visiting a myriad of real estate agencies in Denia and the area. We will make selling your property not become a calvary.

By contracting several real estate agencies in parallel, often too many and signing all kinds of documents with each of them and even at different sale prices, the only thing you get is to slow down instead of speeding up the sales process. If you hire many at the same time in parallel, your property will be "everywhere", but that does not mean you're going to sell it before, especially if you do not do things right. The property is in a situation of lack of control on the part of the agencies and even the owner, who finally does not even remember with which agencies he put it on sale and ends up not updating each of them if the conditions of sale change later.

Sign an exclusive sales mandate, why not? .

What are the drawbacks of signing an exclusive sale? None if you know what you sign.

A complete and clear explanation by your real estate agent will help you to refuse to sign other contracts with more agencies. At InmoXara we have the norm to speak clearly, however much one may hurt, so perhaps with us your doubts will be resolved the first time.

It is much easier to hire an agency associated with an MLS, such as InmoXara. Not all agencies have this professional real estate tool and in reality, by hiring an agency associated with the MLS Denia, you are signing with one but at the same time hiring by force of sales of many more that collaborate as partners in the area. Today you sign with us and in a short time your property is for sale in the other partner agencies.

That's right, with just one signature, through us you'll have many more chances of getting a buyer, although this is also true for when you become a buyer. Put your property for sale with us and multiply your chances of sale!

* Text of own writing by InmoXara Inmobiliaria, all rights reserved. Reproduction prohibited without written authorization from the publisher.

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