Information and conditions on the offers published on the web.

Conditions of offers published on the web:

The mere fact of browsing this website implies the acceptance by the interested user / user of all the conditions listed below, with nothing to complain to the agency for any variation without prior notice of them.

The prices advertised on the website do not include in any case the taxes or expenses derived from the sale such as the Tax of Historical Transmissions, VAT, Tax of Documented Legal Acts, Notarial Fees, Rates of the Property Registry, that will be to charge of the buyer of the property. They also do not include bank charges for study, valuation and mortgage formation.
The prices announced on the website, unless otherwise indicated in the detail page of each property, DOES never include the furniture or the decorative objects displayed in the photographs.
The prices and real estate advertised on this website are subject to the owner's last decision and availability. The real estate agency is not the owner of the published real estate and is not responsible therefore for the changes of decision that an owner would take place at the last moment.
For the purpose of a reservation through our agency, the interested party will reach the rights that are legally applicable to him once the owner accepts and signs the contract of arrears, after depositing the interested party in the account of specific provisions of the real estate agency.
The "reserved" tag is shown in those properties for which a reservation proposal has already been signed with a firm payment, and there may be a lag between 24 and 72 hours or even higher in the availability status update, motivated so much for the deferred receipt of the transfer in the bank account of the agency as for the delay necessary for the signature and acceptance of the reservation by the owner of the property.
You should understand that any offer published on this website or on any of the websites of this company, real estate portals and social networks, could change at the time of the owner at any time, both price and availability. The priority channel for communication of offers for sale of the company is the web, and there may be defects in the status update with other websites and portals owned or unrelated to it, as well as in the websites of our agencies collaborators or in the social networks of our company.
Any screen capture, photograph, email and / or listing of the property printed / downloaded from the web or any other proof, even from any portal with which the real estate agency will publish sales announcements, will in no case be considered as a binding document For the owner or for the agency with which to demand any condition of purchase.
The descriptions, data, characteristics and published equipment of the properties by this agency, are purely orientative data and without contractual nature, although in regard to surfaces and seniority of the same these data have been taken directly from the Territorial Directorate of Cadastre, Writing and / or Registration of the Property, all of them without prejudice to being checked later and with act prior to any process of reservation, at the request always of the interested party. You should keep in mind that if the property is processed, the information that will appear in the documents will be those that appear at the moment in the Property Registry, unless newer ones are pending registration.
Some of the offers shown may belong to banking entities with which the agency is an authorized collaborator, with the prices and discounts shown when there are, subject to special financing conditions with the selling entity itself, as well as limited to a certain date of purchase Although it is not shown in the advertisement itself.
Sometimes, some prices can be shown as "check", this may be due to several reasons: A / The price of the property is being negotiated up or down with the owner and to avoid any subsequent confusion is provisionally published in that way. B / The owner does not want to make public the price at that moment and expects to receive some feasible offer from an interested party. C / The property has already been sold, so it is only published as an objective achieved by the agency, with the label "sold."
In the face of any confusion with the texts published in any language offered on the web, the ones shown in Spanish will always prevail, since the other languages ​​are automatically translated by the software itself, reason why InmoXara can not be responsible for any errors in this regard.
If you are seriously interested in purchasing a particular property published, you should always check our availability even when it is not indicated "reserved" in your ad,
Our agency is continuing to argue for good practices and transparency with the interested parties, avoiding to generate on our part false expectations of buying with you real estate that exceed your purchasing power and that can pose a risk of indebtedness that in turn endangers your family economy If this code had been put into practice before the crisis by many other agencies, today perhaps the situation of many families would be different. Therefore, if you are interested in buying a property and have some of the necessary funds but not everyone, you will probably need some personal or mortgage loan to get the rest. This situation, you should indicate it in detail from the first moment when you contact us. In this way, as specialists in real estate financing, we can first analyze and advise you for free so that your potential financing and purchase is feasible to reach a good end.
Our agency is not obligated to facilitate visits to any of the published properties to those interested who have not proven their solvency and / or viability mortgage through the appropriate documentation. Please request a prior appointment to be able to advise you in our offices in person (this advice is totally free).
To request any visit to real estate published and available on our website, it will be essential that you as an interested party indicate your complete data and reflect them in the control of access to the property (even when it is outside of third parties outside our agency), and it is necessary to submit to Commercial agent the original of the National Identity Document moments before accessing it, where also you must sign a party visit with the agency.


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