Energy Certification

Since June 1, 2013, every owner who wants to sell or rent their used home (built before 2007) must have the energy efficiency certificate in compliance with Royal Decree 235/2013, of April 5. we solve the most relevant doubts about it

1) What is the energy certificate?

It is a document that includes the qualification of the energy efficiency and the consumption of a building or part of it (housing, premises, office, etc.), procedure information, description of the energetic characteristics and viable improvement recommendations. the qualification must be registered in an official organism of the corresponding autonomous community so that it has the character of a certificate

2) Who is required to have the energy certificate?

The owner or developer who wants to sell or rent your home must have the energy certificate from last June 1, 2013. In addition, both the owner and the developer are responsible for presenting the certificate in the corresponding body for registration, in the Valencian Community this registry is known as AVEN.

3) When is it mandatory to have the energy certificate?

Since June 1, 2013 it is mandatory to have the energy certificate to rent or sell a home and this document must be delivered to the buyer or show the new tenant. However, the energy label to be issued by the relevant autonomous community is also needed and only some of them are prepared to issue the label. This means that there will be owners with an energy certificate but without registering and, therefore, without an energy label to display until their corresponding autonomous community creates the corresponding registry and regulation. In Italy, there was a few years ago the same excitement that is here today as the deadline approached, however, upon arrival there was a period of adaptation for everyone (owners, administration, etc) due to the complexity of having everything ready on date

4) Is there an adaptation period for the ccaa?

The royal decree gave a period of three months from its entry into force on April 14, 2013, for the autonomous communities to approve the regulation of energy certificates.

5) Which Autonomous Communities already have a register of energy certifications?

The only ccaa that already have a registry are Andalusia, Valencia, Galicia and the Canary Islands, according to the appraiser Tinsa. The community of Madrid still does not have a registry nor with a regulation on this subject

6) Which body will control the energy certificates?

The royal decree in its article 5 grants the competition to the autonomous communities, so they are the ones that must regulate the energy certification and create an official record where all the certifications will be registered. It is still unknown if the corresponding ccaa charge a fee to the owner or promoter of the house to register the certificate but the experts of the appraiser tinsa do not rule out that they want to set a rate for collection purposes

7) What happens when the energy certificate is registered with the official body?

Registering the certificate in the regional body means granting the mandatory energy label to sell or rent the property

8) How valid is the energy certificate?

It will have a validity of 10 years and the owner will be responsible for the renewal or update according to what is established by the competent body of the autonomous community.

9) How much will the energy certificate cost?

Over time, the price will be fixed by the market, that is, the law of supply and demand. At the moment prices run between 250 or 300 euros but everything will depend on the size of the house and the offer of certifying professionals. In our offices we will put you in contact with certified certifiers who will charge you below these amounts.

10) What are the consequences if you do not have the certificate when selling or renting?

The royal decree determines a penalty system for breach of this mandatory requirement in any purchase or rental of a property. the popular party has incorporated through several amendments to the urban rehabilitation, regeneration and renovation project the list of infractions regarding the certification of the energy efficiency of buildings and the sanctioning regime. there will be three types of sanctions, one light, one serious and one very serious and the amounts of the sanctions will range from 300 euros to 6,000 euros. Very serious infraction will be when the information is falsified in the issuance or registration of certificates, act as a certifying technician or publicize a certificate that is not registered. Serious infraction will violate the calculation methodology of the basic procedure for certification, not present the certificate before the ccaa for registration, display a label that does not correspond to the actual certificate, and sell or rent a property without the seller delivering the certificate.

If you need the energy certificate of your property, you can ask for it here, Do not forget to indicate in the TEXT field the iX-5 CODE to obtain a discount on your invoice, equivalent to the registration fees in the Aven Organization, valued at around 10 euros approximately.

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