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We are real estate agents in Denia, authorized for the sale of real estate of banks in Denia and region by the main banking entities of the national territory. If you want to buy a good opportunity, do not wait any longer and contact us today.

Buying with banks in most cases is not only about finding the opportunity of your life, but also that your certified banking agent is well trained in the management processes and the protocols required for the reservation and purchase process with each banking entity. In other words, it is not enough to travel to Denia for a weekend and that you say "if I want" to get the first apartment you like.

There is a lot more work on the part of the agent behind the purchase process, from your "yes" (yes-let's try it) to when you leave the notary with your copy of the deed of purchase. We advise and accompany you throughout the process until the signing of deeds. Also after becoming an owner, we put at your disposal a series of optional services, payment, in case you do not have time and you want a company to perform all the after-sales procedures you need, such as hiring water, electricity, gas, etc. , with which in many cases additional documentation from architects or engineers could be needed to be able to contract the supplies.

To do this, if you do not yet appear in the database of the bank from which we offer you real estate, we must first collect all your data that is necessary and be able to sign you up to start dealing with you and assist you for these purposes. If you already exist as a client of any of the entities with which we sell properties, we must first request that you be assigned by the bank for the properties that you have been interested in. Remember that if you even once called the bank's website or sent an email during those times of the year 5 BC, even if you never contacted them again, it is very possible that you "already exist" in the database , but that does not mean that we can not attend you if you wish.

We will always explain to you before managing any visit to real estate as the registration and assignment process works, for which you must give your consent. With this, what banks intend to do with agencies is that a single agent attends to you if possible and avoid duplication of efforts.

In this way we can be your interlocutor and manage more easily your requests to visit, reserve and purchase. If this is not done, more than once you will arrive late to what you were so excited about, taking the risk of losing time and opportunities, trust us and you will win, it is our job.

You can receive real estate offers via web and, when you receive one that interests you, we will only have to organize the visit to show it to you and book it if you wish. All the above will already be done if you trusted us at the time. Buy before it escapes!

We manage the sale of foreclosed properties from banks, with direct purchase, from foreclosure and also from great banking opportunities that may have to be purchased through real estate auctions.

Do not worry, we are by your side throughout the process, we will make everything easier for you. The commercialized agents accredited by banks are prohibited from CHARGING THE BUYERS for the sale of real estate from their bank portfolio. The bank is the one that pays the agent the incentives for the sale. If you are a direct customer of the bank's marketer, you should never pay anything to buy the house.

On the other hand, if you have trusted, delegated or previously hired your own trusted agent for your procedures as a buyer and this is responsible for finding interesting offers, visit them previously, filter and advise or represent you in the purchase, you will have to pay what you have previously agreed with him. This is something that you would have hired on your own and in a completely foreign and external way to our company, even when you bought a bank property.

If you need any other after-sales service after the signing of deeds before a notary, you will have to pay it after budgeting and provision of funds. For this you will be informed of the costs of each management and you will decide if you want it or not. At the end of the day, what the real estate agency collects is actually the time it takes to do these after sales operations, just to provide an additional service. If you prefer to do everything yourself directly and save money, you will only spend your time, so we will be just as friends as before ...

Process: Contact us - you provide your data - type of property you want - budget available - need or not financing - visit and buy! It's that easy!

Contact us and we will be your bank real estate agent.
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