Valuation of Professional Real Estate

Property Valuation is a highly requested service to Real Estate Agencies in Dénia by owners who want to Sell their Property in the Dénia area and also by people close to accepting an inheritance. In both cases, the assessment is decisive for correct decision-making, and must always be the first of all steps.

With a correct appraisal, later problems are also avoided, be they legal or fiscal, since in it certain documentation of the property is analyzed, checking any asymmetry with its existing physical reality and its loads. The valuation of a property must be honest and professional. For this, in addition to having professional tools, the real estate agent must know the market in the area where he has to value, that is, be a specialist where he provides his services.

Setting the price of a property for sale is not an easy task, there is always a risk of error. The seller wants to obtain maximum profitability in many cases, but perhaps the market at that time may not be receptive to certain prices claimed by its owner, or otherwise, the claim may be too low. In the first case, the property would be stalled for sale, unfavorably competing with similar ones, and in the second case, it would perhaps be sold in a few days or weeks, with a feeling of too rapidity for its owner unless it had previously had a realistic valuation , adjusted to the demand market at that exact moment.

Our agency offers you the possibility of contracting a market valuation, or also known as comparative market analysis (ACM).

It is necessary to know that the valuations of agencies, are not appraisals properly said. Agency valuations take into account criteria similar to those of an "official appraisal" for mortgage purposes but better adjust the prices to the reality of the market, based on closing prices of other operations, that is, with comparables from what is already known. It has recently sold, and not with the prices of those that are still advertised in specialized portals and without any results after a long time.

Getting the sale price of the property right is essential to achieve success in the sale. Property appraisal helps find that middle ground of recommended prices, so buyer demand takes your property into account for sale and doesn't drift to others that compete with yours, it will prevent you from giving easy sales to other homeowners who find buyers. In visits that do not close, I deal with your property. Remember the latter always.


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